SMART failure predicted on hard disk

We received one of customer's laptop model Acer Aspire 4741G which having this message appeared while booting; "SMART failure predicted on hard disk". He used Windows 7 Home Premium. This laptop is still new and in warranty for 3 years. Firstly we try to fix boot sector in Windows but the same problem happen. We do not expect this is a hard disk problem because usually when your hard disk is spoiled, your Windows cannot operate properly like taking very long time to boot and hang in the middle of work until you restart the computer. Some cases you cannot boot the windows at all. But this time, the Windows can be booting normally and all software inside can be open nicely without even hang.

Lastly, we decide to take this laptop to Acer service centre. Before we send in, all the data is backup in external hard drive. Total size that we copy is 28GB and after finish copying we check again the size in folder properties. What makes us shock is the size is only 6GB.

We check every file name in the folder and all of them is there. So, this is the effect of hard disk problem. That is why the SMART failure predicted on hard disk.

When the laptop is in service centre, the technician check and said that this is hard disk problem and need to replace with new hard disk. The data will not be backup but if you want to backup, the cost will be charged. Luckily, we already backup the data.

So today, we have new experience in hard disk problem.

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